Home cooked Korean fare at Korean BBQ Han Sung Restaurant

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You know how we Malaysians wonder about the dish washer at Korean restaurants? There are always so many dishes to wash. The banchan (side dishes) spread alone takes up, like, half the dining table.

Did you know that if you dine as a party of two or more, you’ll be served 10 different banchan dishes? However, if you’re dining alone, you’ll be served 4 banchan dishes. Phew!

Plenty: Dolsot bibimbap (foreground) and banchan
dishes (background)

We aren’t sure about other restaurants, but this is the rule of thumb at Korean BBQ Han Sung Restaurant at Desa Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur.

Both Orchid and I were invited by Daisy Choi, the public relations manager of Han Sung Restaurant for a sumptuous home cooked meal one Saturday evening. The menu that you get at the restaurant is actually lovingly created by Daisy’s Mom herself.

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