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The road starting from Namdaemun Market to Namsan Library and the one from Namsan Library down to Hyatt Hotel are always a pleasure to walk, especially with the thick forests flanking each side. As you walk along the road, you can look down at the houses on the hill below, discovering another part of Seoul.

As you walk up from Namdaemun Market to Mt. Namsan, you will also find a number of notable sites such as the German Cultural Center, Namsan Library, and Namsan Arboretum. Take the walking path from Namsan Library to the mountain for about 10 minutes, and you will come to the popular N Seoul Tower. From there, you can walk down towards Hyatt Hotel, which is lovely walk, yet you can almost sense the bustle of the city from far away. If you have time, enjoy a cup of tea at the Hyatt Hotel, from which you can see the downtown area. Or walk down toward Itaewon and enjoy one of the many international restaurants.

Namsan Donkkaseu

Namsan Donkkaseu is not located on the way from Namdaemun Market to Mt. Namsan, but on the way from Myeong-dong to Mt. Namsan. The price of a pork cutlet is inexpensive, but the portions are delicious and satisfying. Pork cutlets come with a salad, rice, and soup, and you can have as much kimchi as you want.

How to Get There: Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Station, Exit 4 → Take the left road in front of Pacific Hotel and walk ahead → At the dead end, take the stairs up and walk about 100 meters in the direction of Mt. Namsan

Price: Donkkaseu pork cutlet, Fish cutlet 6,000 won, soy bean soup, soft tofu 4,000 won
Tel: +82-2-777-1976
Hours: 10:00 ~ 22:00

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