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Spider Web Lacing
Like an angled version of Ladder Lacing, this decorative method is also worn on military boots. The laces weave vertically and diagonally, forming an intricate "web".
Spider Web Lacing diagram
Spider Web Lacing picture 1
Spider Web Lacing picture 2
This pic of Spider Web Lacing on some military boots came from Big Booted Dog.
Lacing Technique:
1. The lace is run straight across and the ends emerge through the second set of eyelets from the bottom (grey section).

2. Both ends are run straight down on the outside and are fed in through the bottom eyelets.

3. The ends are crossed over each other, then fed under the sides to emerge through the next vacant set of eyelets up the shoe.

4. The ends then run straight down and are looped under the existing vertical lace sections at the next lower set of eyelets.

5. Repeat steps (3) and (4), alternating between crossing diagonally upwards or running straight downwards and looping through the lower sections, until both ends reach the top eyelets.

Decorative look
Firm & tight
Harder to tighten

Comparative Length = 127%
Laced area uses more (about +27%)
Longer laces needed (about +13%)
Shortens lace ends (about −24%)
More details

This lacing looks particularly effective on high boots with many eyelets, especially when contrasting laces are used.

Boots with a very wide spacing between the sides (such as shown at left) display the maximum area of woven shoelace "spider web".

You can also see a much more detailed description of this technique on Bootdog's Spiderweb Lacing page.

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