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Story & ArtWork: Minami Maki,
Genre: comedy, shoujo, romance,
View: 239
Status: Completed
Total Chapters: 4
Last Update: 8/14/08
Content Excerpt: From the author of Special A, a oneshot about a girl named Hatsune with a "bad mouth", for lack of a better description. She's kind-hearted and all, but her mouth spews the total opposite of what she means (which is probably due to the fact that she grew up with five brothers, a father, and no mom). And so she is seen as an arrogant, mean girl at her school, and that is why she hasn't had a boyfriend for the past fifteen years of her life. Well, that is, until she gets accepted at this Maidens' Club, where she meets a guy called Kirie with a somewhat unique habit (it happens when a girl comes within six inches of him). How will these two fare? Will Hatsune finally have a boyfriend at last? Will she be more than just a "girl" friend?...

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