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  • Maybe most of you already know about opera mini browser. This browser is so famous because it can view same as desktop view. And it can surf faster than others browser.

    Recently I heard a lot of problem that they cant use operamini anymore on their phone from nokia user. The problem I heard is operamini failed to connect the internet and sometimes server not found. This due to no port of celcom access point :8080 is no longer entrusted by server.

    But don’t worry. There are two ways to solve this problem.

    The first way is firstly you download new version of operamini. The latest version is v4.2 with double certificate. I suggest that you topup at least RM10 and use your web browser to download operamini. Go to and it will identified your model and you just press download.

    After finish download operamini, go to SETTING>CONNECTION>PACKET DATA>ACCESS POINT just type

    After that create new access point

    Connection name: OPERA
    Data bearer: packet data
    Access point name:
    Authentication : normal
    Homepage : or (3g simcard)

    Proxy server address:
    Proxy por number:80

    For sony user I heard there are no problem surf the internet using operamini. But if got a problem you still can use the same way.

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